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AJAX Enabled Controls
1 Button Sample
Implementation of AJAX enabled SubmitButton, LinkButton, ImageButton, InputButton
2 CheckBox Sample
Implementation of AJAX enabled CheckBox Control
3 CheckBoxList Sample
Implementation of AJAX enabled CheckBoxList Control
4 ListBox Sample
Implementation of AJAX enabled ListBox Control
5 DropDownList Sample
Implementation of AJAX enabled DropDownList Control
6 RadioButtonListSample
Implementation of AJAX enabled RadioButtonList Control
7 TextBox Sample
Implementation of AJAX enabled TextBox Control
8 UserControl Sample
Implementation of AJAX enabled UserControl Controls
AJAX Functionality
9 DisableControls
Disable Controls during callback operation. You can disable controls during callback by setting the CallbackPanel's DisableList property to ID of the controls to disable in comma seperated format.
10 EnableCache
During the first request the data is processed and fetched from server and the result is cached on the client side. If second time the same request is made required data is fetched immediately from the client's cache without going to the server.
11 LoadingDisplay
When client make a server intensive request,  You can display a combination of text and images on the client's browser while the user waits for the response. This can be achieved by setting the required HTML string to the CallbackPanel's LoadingDisplay property.
12 PassArguments
Implementation details for passing arguments through callback, process on the server and return result to client.
13 SaveState
You can save the state of all the form controls during callback request by setting the CallbackPanel's SaveState property to true. If this property is set to false the intial setting of the control is used. The example shows calculating a incremental total by setting CallbackPanel's SaveState property to true.
14 SlideShow
You can make auto callback request to server by setting CallbackPanel's AutoCallbackSpan property to number of millisecond. The sample demonstares a slideshow application which updates client control without page refresh by making auto callback to server.
15 ClientAPI
You can provide client side function to handle the result and error for the callback response from the server. Using these clientAPI you can override the default rendering and add client side processing of response.
16 CustomRender
Implementation details for Custom Rendering of controls on the server.
AJAX Application Scenarios
17 Catalog
This sample demonstares a catalog sample using combination of controls. Mutliple updates to controls are proformed without page refresh on the client browser.
18 UserAccount
This application demonstrates a complex usage of callback controls. It shows a typical scenario for building a login page for a web site or for the administrative part of the site.
19 WebServerConfigurator
This sample demonstares a webserver configurator which can be used for WEB HOSTING COMPANIES for their order processing application.
20 AutoUpdate
This application demonstrates implementation of time sensitive Financial date which is update at regular intervals.